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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Naphtali is 20 months old!!

This is going to be a VERY eclectic blog post, just to give a heads up! There is a mixture of how my girl is growing and our fun Christmas memories. I cannot believe that my little girl is 4 months away from being 2 YEARS OLD! Where has the time gone?! Even typing out this blog has been such an encouragement and warning that the days may feel as if they are long at times, but that my life really is a vapor, here for a little while, and then gone. How children and families are a blessing in this! Though life is short, this is where my legacy lies- in my family. In my husband, in my children, in the church. How good God is to give us such great purpose in our lives! So, here is a few of my favorite pics recently and some cute things our girl is doing :-)

Christmas is my favorite time of the year... but it only gets better with kids! Naphtali helped pick out the tree!

And decorate it!

Isn't this SOO classic? She was not a fan... cousin Bethany (or Nee-Nee as Naphtali calls her) was concerned for Tili!

Our girl LOVED Christmas lights this year! Lately, she has been really loving on her Daddy. Mama is still her favorite :-), but she is learning that Daddy is the goofy and really fun one!
Christmas morning held its magic since having Naphtali! We got her this cardboard house for Christmas (BEST $5 we ever spent!!) that she can color and here is her first impression of it!!! LOVE! 

One of the sweetest things our little girl is doing, is playing "Mama" so often! Here she is with her sweet brown baby :-) Preparing for bringing her brothers home! 

It humbles me and melts my heart as well, to see how much she wants to be like her "Mama". She LOVES helping wash dishes, changing her babies' diapers, feeding them, going on walks with them, dressing them... it is amazing to see this sweet God-given quality in little girls at such a young age! 

This is definitely one of her favorite toys. She has lately LOVED little people... little playmobile babies, sesame street characters, baby Jesus from the nativity set, it has been really sweet to see her imagination develop. We want to encourage that!

Did I mention that she is off running?!!! Naphtali has always been SO active! From the womb on... we call her our future rock climber :-) 

I also wanted to list some of her new words and phrases she is picking up:

1) walk (she asks to "alk" when we are outside!)
2) chocolate (yes, she knows this word- she is my kid!)
3) George (for her love of Curious George...she now sleeps with her stuffed animal version!)
4) milk- another one of her loves. She is quite the dairy kid.
5) ball- loves these.
6) duck 
7) God (almost has this down- needs some encouragement, but she can say it!)
8) Jesus (comes out Gisuss- there is a little baby Jesus in her little people Nativity set that she dearly loves!)
9) Ashes, Ashes, down! (her version of Ring around the Rosie)
10) animal sounds- "neigh" , "quack, quack!" and "meow" are her new ones!
11) "Nee-Nee" (her name for her cousin Bethany), Nana (my Mom), Papa (both my Dad and Daniel's dad), Andma (Daniel's Mom)

These are just some of the highlights! It is amazing how her vocal is growing!! 

How we love our little blessing!!! 

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