"I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly."
~Jesus (John 10:10b)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser

We have been absolutely amazed at the Lord's provision for our little one overseas. One of the most recent provisions was through a matching grant!! Hand in Hand Christian Adoption approved us for a 4,000 matching grant! Potentially, this means we could have 8,000 when it is all said and done. God is so good!

Part of the way we would like to raise these monies in a unique fashion is by doing a puzzle fundraiser. We have this beautiful puzzle through National Geographic of elephants in Africa:

I love it! One of the things the Lord has taught me through this adoption, is how we can't do this alone. The Lord uses people to be a part (or piece) of our journey in this adoption. With a $10 donation, your name will go on the back of a "piece" of the puzzle. If you donate more, then we will add your name to more pieces. This is a 500 piece puzzle, so we have a potential of having 5,000 towards our adoption at the end of this fundraiser (even more with the matching grant!). When each of the pieces are accounted for, we will glue the puzzle together and frame it in our little boys room as a reminder of the many who loved him, prayed for him, and helped bring us home before they even met him! 

Here is how this fundraiser will work:

*Puzzle pieces cost $10 a piece (with the matching grant, you will actually be donating $20!)
*Email me at Evrytribe@gmail.com or message me on Facebook if you would like to donate. I will then write your name on the back of one of the puzzle pieces. If you donate more than $10, then I will add your name to more than one piece of our "puzzle".
* Make checks out with your donation to Hand in Hand Christian Adoption. Send the check to:
Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc.
Lawson Family

18318 Mimosa Court
Gardner, KS 66030

It's important that you only put our name on the outside envelope and not on the check itself. All of the monies go towards Hand in Hand and then they will send the check with the matched amount to our agency to go directly towards our adoption fund. 

This will be fun! We will continue this fundraiser until all of the pieces are accounted for. However, you only have until January 24th (postmark by date) to get the money you donate matched. At that time, I will change the directions for the fundraiser.

We are so thankful for all of you!

In Christ by His Grace,
Amber Lawson

Happenings around the Lawson Home...

We have had a lot going on around here lately! A ton of blessings from the hand of our great God has flowed our way.

For one...

We are expecting Lawson baby #2 in July! Here is our latest pic:

This was at 10 weeks along. We are now almost 14 weeks along! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going compared to my first. Naphtali sure keeps me busy :-) Isn't this just a testimony of what a miracle a little baby is? At 10 weeks, we could see the heart beating and the little arms and legs swimming! I am amazed at God's good design. 

As for adoption news... we are now on the waiting list!! WOO HOO! Our long wait to get through immigration has passed, and now we have a number. This is huge. The wait will still most likely be between 15-18 months until we receive a referral (or longer), but we have reached this milestone. God has been so faithful to us in this journey. We are so thankful! Without further ado... here is our current waiting number:

Later this evening, I will be posting some other great news :-) But, I do believe it calls for another posting!