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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Noonday Trunk Show!

Hello readers! I am so thrilled to be writing again for our blog! We have so much to update you all with. Our lives have been quite busy with school starting back up and more importantly we are in the middle of our HOME STUDY!!! Woo hoo! Praise the Lord that we are this far now! We have had our first home visit and we did well! We had to buy a fire extinguisher, and lock box for medication, and clean every nook and cranny (only because we were so nervous about it! They don't actually check every nook and cranny). Our sweet little 880 sq foot cozy apartment is approved to be able to house two more little ones :-) Think IKEA. We can house 5 people (3 little people) in our sweet, humble abode comfortably- maybe it will be a little tight. We just have to be smart about it :-) We are just so grateful that there were no issues with our apartment being approved for two little ones. 

We still have three more interviews to go, so continue to pray for peace of mind and for patience in this process. We have mounds of paperwork that we are sorting through. It is definitely overwhelming, but each paper signed is one less until we meet our boys face to face and welcome them home to their forever family.

That brings me to another fun topic- a Noonday trunk show!!! Have I ever mentioned how much we love our church, Kenwood Baptist? We are so grateful to the Lord for bringing us to this church during this season of our lives. They are so supportive, prayerful, and encouraging throughout this adoption process. Mariah, a sweet friend from our church, offered to host a Noonday Trunk Show to help raise funds for our adoption. I had never heard of them until she mentioned the idea, so I of course, enjoyed doing a little research on them! They are a company that was founded by a woman who adopted a child from Rwanda. She merged her love for the orphan, adoption, giving aid to the oppressed through fair trade sales, and her passion for fashion all in one. You can read more about the Noonday story here: http://www.noondaycollection.com/our-story-about-the-owner.html 

Kate, our ambassador, is coming to a friend's house, Sarah, who will be helping to host the trunk show on September 17. 

I absolutely love their items! They would be great for Christmas presents or for an early Christmas present to yourself :-) 

Here are a few pictures to inspire you and below them is a link to their fall collection. Love it!

Here is the link to their catalog: www.katehalaris.noondaycollection.com

If you would like to place an order and are not able to come to the party, you can email Kate, our ambassador with what you would like to purchase. Here is her email address: kiflemin@gmail.com. Every purchase you make, we receive 20%!

And a special thanks for my friends, Mariah and Sarah, who are making this possible. Love the ladies at Kenwood!

Happy Shopping!!!

In Christ by His Grace,
Amber Lawson

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